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piratefamilyAhoy there!

My name is Jessica. I am a loving mother of four and wife of one. I also love swearing, and complaining about my kids.

Movement makes me happy. I enjoy running, yoga, cross-fit, and belly dancing. But give me the opportunity to flake out on the couch an entire day for a movie marathon and I’ll bring the popcorn.

A freak of nature, I like big salads full of veggies with no dressing. However, do not leave cookie dough with me unsupervised, for I will eat it all.

Crafting gives me a sense of frugal accomplishment. Sometimes, though, I want to spend an entire paycheck at Target.

I have many friends from all walks of life who I enjoy spending as much time as possible with. And there are days when I need to be alone.

Raised a Catholic, I now lean towards Paganism in my spirituality. We encourage our children to learn all they can about whatever religious path interests them.

A host by nature, I love planning parties, gatherings, and events for and with the ones I love. Finding out I have been left out of an invitation to a gathering planned by someone else feels like a gut-punch.

Booze is something I can take or leave; I don’t need it to have a good time. Yet dark, spicy rum with ice and coke is my favorite beverage to relax with.

I love classic styles and trends. Skulls adorn at least half of everything I own.

Body image is something I have struggled with since childhood. You will not find a more fierce warrior for body-acceptance than me.

We can be all-the-things. Each and every one of us. We can walk between paths. We can skip certain paths altogether.

I’m not setting out to break the mold. I only want to change it a little.

My hope with this blog is to give you the support you need to do the same.

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