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Every once in a while I find time to craft, attempt DIY beauty products, or garden.  If they’re a happy success OR a major fail, you’ll find them here!

Quick Holiday Treat Recipe: Muddy Buckies

I’ve been on a baking frenzy this season. Cabin Girl and I attempted to calculate it and figured I made around 1,000 servings of treats; cookies, breads, bars, and fudge. (Visited 59 times, 1 visits today)

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DIY: Laundry Powder for Stinky People

One day, a brainchild was born.  I’m calling it Laundry Powder for Stinky People. Here’s the deal, crew: People smell.  It’s a fact of life.  How strongly they smell varies, but really, we all know that everyone reaches a smelliness peak. My kids seem to reach that peak every. single. day. (Visited 25 times, 1 visits today)

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Whiten Teeth with CHARCOAL?

Being a chemical/toxin free house is an ever growing chore…  Between foods, beauty products, and cleaning products, practically everything needs a second look to determine if it’s safe or not. Tooth whitening treatments are no exception. I tried a commercial at home tooth whitening system a while ago, but it literally stripped layers of skin in my mouth away.  After… Read more »

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Our perfectly imperfect, gender neutral Neverland Birthday Bash

Cabin Girl and Mr. Monkey have birthdays 4 days apart.  Awesome planning on my end.  We decided that this year, to make things simpler (HA!), we would do a combined birthday party for them.  But, how to combine a birthday for a 7 year old girly-girl and a 2 year old rough and tumble toddler boy? The answer, my friends, is… Read more »

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Kraken maternity tee- Bleach design tutorial

There’s a saying that Necessity is the father of invention.  I say, being unique makes inventing a necessity.I’ve never fit into a specific scene with my tastes in anything.  I love pop culture, nerd culture, rock culture, hippy culture… music, clothes, food, lifestyle… all sort of mesh into a web of seemingly random, eclectic preferences.  That’s not to say I like… Read more »

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Pinterest Inspired Valentines: Salt Dough Ornaments (with link to tutorial)

Aren’t these ornaments from On Clever Mode cute?! Since we started eliminating sugars wherever we can, the idea of handing out dyed and processed goodies for Valentine’s Day just doesn’t appeal to me.  Between Cabin Girl and Cabin Boy, we needed nearly 40 Valentines.  These salt dough ornaments were just the thing and one batch was more than enough! NAILED… Read more »

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Quickie craft: Bracelet

My crafting plans for the day were derailed by procrastination and an inability to find inexpensive, plain tees.Thankfully, Michaels came to the rescue with an outlet for my left-handed brain by way of their 50% off bead strands.  Amethyst, fluorite, and hematite caught my eye this morning and, adding some spacers and a glass crescent moon that I already had, here… Read more »

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DIY Body Butter

I’ve made it no secret that the Cabin Kids and I have bad skin.  This morning Cabin Girl came downstairs complaining that she was itchy again.  I’d been procrastinating on trying to make my own lotion since my first lip balm batch was a bust, but her poor, dry skin was the push I needed to just try it. Of… Read more »

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Handmade Gifts: The Captain’s Football Scarf!

As I mentioned in my 3 Cowls post, everyone’s gifts last year were late.  After taking a break from the Captain’s gift to knit Gabby the Garden Monster, I finally finished his scarf! I had SO much fun doing this.  It was a bit intimidating, being my first attempt at following a chart pattern, and it took 3 tries before… Read more »

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When Tragedy Strikes, Knit a Monster

Like many who turn to blogging for comfort, the day of the Sandy Hook shooting I wrote this post.  Then, in my grief and search for comfort (because what parent didn’t need comfort after imagining those horrors) some friends helped me find Knitters for Newtown and  600 Monsters Strong. The Captain asked me to put his Christmas present on hold… Read more »

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3 Cowls

This holiday season the Captain and I discussed doing homemade gifts for everyone.  Which roughly translated to me making gifts for everyone.  Which translated into, everyone’s presents are going to be late, late, LATE, including Captain’s.   There were 3 gifts I DID finish on time though!   Mom’s a Ravenclaw, but her heart belongs to Gryffindor. Mom wanted a cowl… Read more »

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