Birds and Bees… on the Playground?

I think for a majority of us who grew up with parents that didn’t explain sex early on, there is one person we remember as being the one who told us about sex.  Since most people are in school around the time puberty hits, that conversation usually happens as snippets told by an older, ‘wiser’ child on the playground or schoolbus.

birdsbeesThis morning, during a call from my bestie, I learned, to my chagrin and amusement, that my child is that child.

As the oldest of 4 children, she has had 3 opportunities to ask me about the babies that grow inside me.  Her specific concern each time: How did the baby get in there?!

And I was honest.  As honest as I felt I needed to be with her at each age.

2 years old: Daddy put it there.

Oh, okay.

4 years old: Daddy put it there.


You know how chickens lay eggs?  Women have eggs in their bodies, and, when they feel ready, the daddy helps turn that egg into a baby.

Oh.  I like eggs.  Can we have breakfast for dinner?

6 years old: How does daddy make your egg into a baby?

Well… that’s why men have a penis.  To make babies.


The penis goes in the vagina and a thing called sperm comes out.  Sperm is what turns an egg into a baby.

*Long pause…*

I just don’t understand HOW the penis gets into the vagina.

Let’s find you a book…

Yeah, I chickened out on the last one.  They say that you should only answer the questions that children ask, offering no extra information.  She still hasn’t asked for the book, but I’m okay with that for now.

I did stress that sex is for people who are ready to make, and take care of, a baby.  We’ll have to readdress that down the road, for sure, but, for now, she’s the kid on the playground with the honest mom that calls a penis a penis and just hopes that it saves her daughter from learning through inappropriate experience.  Now to teach her when it’s okay to talk about it…

You’re welcome, and I’m sorry.

When did you get/give the talk?

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7 thoughts on “Birds and Bees… on the Playground?

  1. My daughter loves the book, “It’s Not the Stork!” We also do not shy from the words penis and vagina. It has made for some interesting public conversations. Example: “Do you know where your uterus is? Mine is right here!”

  2. I too give as more information as they are wanting. I want my kids to hear it from us and not from the bus. Full talk going to be summer between 2nd and 3rd grade if she doesn’t ask earlier. Expecting twins this mommy has had to have all sorts of interesting talks with her oldest. She knows almost all about the female reproductive system although I have managed to skip the part of how the egg get fertilized.

  3. our twins are about to turn eight, and we haven’t officially had any “talk,” per se. We’re like you in that we only answer the questions that are asked. It’s hard for me to remember exactly what I knew at my girls’ age, but I had a book by then. My youngest brother was born when I was 6, so my mom got me a book…. and I was THAT kid b/c I took it to recess and apparently shared it w/ all the other kids in my class! My mom got a phone call from my teacher, LOL! It was the “Where Did I Come From” book, I think a lot of us know or had the same one!

  4. My kid is the one who could gather all the other kids together on the playground and teach them a class. Moms everywhere are probably glad she is homeschooled.

    Using the correct words is so important. I’m proud of you! One “that-kid” mom to another.

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