Burnt Out… Picture Time

I am so exhausted.  Mentally, physically, emotionally.  I have a lot of heavy posts in my draft folder that are waiting for finishing touches, but my cup is empty right now.  So, tonight I give you a few random pictures from my phone.  Enjoy!

unnamed3Last weekend we went to a big birthday party and there was this tiny puppy wandering around.  Of course I had to get a picture of the double ‘Aw’ factor.

unnamed2At our early Thanksgiving meal last night, Mr. Monkey wouldn’t sit in his chair and eat.  He kept pointing at the turkey leg on the platter.  Eventually, he managed to snag it and was a happy camper from that point on!


The Cabin Kids were being loud and rowdy, so I asked them if they wanted to play with some water… then set them to washing the floor!  It worked!  Busy kids + clean floor = happy mom!


The Kraken is getting more attentive every day.  She’s finally enjoying her swing and loves watching the little sea friends twirl around!

Our perfectly imperfect, gender neutral Neverland Birthday Bash

Cabin Girl and Mr. Monkey have birthdays 4 days apart.  Awesome planning on my end.  We decided that this year, to make things simpler (HA!), we would do a combined birthday party for them.  But, how to combine a birthday for a 7 year old girly-girl and a 2 year old rough and tumble toddler boy?

The answer, my friends, is in Never Neverland.

Pirates, mermaids, fairies, lost boys, and Indians…  Something to interest EVERYONE!

I love, love, LOVE theme parties.  And when we learned that we’d be moving at the end of this summer and that this would be our last chance to have a big party with all of our friends, I went cuh-razy.

Thanks to Pinterest, there are a million and one ideas out there for an uber planner like myself.  No thanks to Pinterest, they are all picture perfect, done in a modest budget, and oh-so simple (I hope you read my sarcasm on that last one).  Cabin Girl is starting to pick up on my joy of planning and doing, so she really wanted to be part of the process… but how can a 7 year old do all the crafty things I wanted her to in perfect Pinterest fashion?

She can’t.  So I let it go and embraced the perfection in her imperfect help, and we had So. Much. Fun.

To keep this party within a modest budget, we reused a TON of stuff, which I’ll point out, along with Cabin Girl’s handiwork, in the pictures.

Without further ado my friends, I give you our:


balloons Every party needs balloons!


Choose your costume!

Fairy wings and Indian headbands were made from scrap felt, elastic, and craft clips; Pirate eyepatches were purchased from Target; Mermaid (seashell) necklaces were found at a garage sale.

indian pirate


fairy merman

Once a costume was chosen, it was time to….


Proceed to Neverland!

We moved the curtains down from the kids’ room, cut the stars out of scrap felt and safety pinned them on, and repurposed an old valance that was going to be thrown out for our banner.

To get their treasure (goodie bags), they had to complete a scavenger hunt through Neverland!


Collect a bag, 1 feather, 1 starfish, 3 gold dubloons, and 1 flower.


The Lost Boy bag from Hangman’s Tree.


Hangman’s Tree

I used scrap fabric, bamboo skewers, and twine for the Lost Boy tents.


Blackfoot Camp

The teepees were pretty much wrecked immediately.

I repurposed the bamboo pea poles from my garden and curtains from the house. 

Feathers for the hunt were purchased from a craft store.


Mermaid Lagoon

I found a pack of prettily colored starfish at a party store.


Skull Rock

Yep, our sandbox is a Pirate ship, made of wood from the patio cover we rebuilt.

  It is always well stocked with Gold Dubloons.


Fairy Garden

Lantern lights from World Market dressed up with tissue paper wings

and a planter box with woodchips and fake flowers, found at the craft store.

All the signs were made from scrap wood and paint in our garage.  Cabin Girl had a wonderful time painting them.

Once they had collected all the items on their map, they had to come to me to get their ‘loot’ from the treasure chest filled with various toys and candy.

Meanwhile, the adults enjoyed….

blackfoot booty

treasureeggs mermaidmelon


fairyberries lostboybread


Blackfoot Bounty, Treasure Eggs, Mermaid Melon, Never Say Never Cheese, Pirate Booty, Fairy Berries, Lost Boy Bread, and Jelly Starfish.  Along with Croc Bites (meatballs) and Kraken Sausage (In hindsight, I wish I’d called them Kraken Tentacles.  Oh well.)

Cabin Girl helped name and label all of the food.

**Bit of a tangent here for a mo; Last year, I used this great tutorial (found on Pinterest, of course), on how to make your own character/custom cake decorations.  I ordered a giant cake from Costco with just writing on it because I planned on doing my own decorations again using this method.  It does NOT work with Gel icing.  So we improvised on the cake decor.  The kids didn’t care (or notice) that the cake wasn’t totally awesome looking AT ALL.


See?  Ugly cake.  But it was scrumptious!


7 candles for the girl, 2 for the boy.

The party went on…


How many Merkids can fit into 1 faux lagoon?

And I really, truly think that a great time was had by all, if these 2 are any indication…

birthdaygirl birthdayboy

Mommy Mentionables

Whimsical Wednesday: The Week in Pictures

We are in full swing packing, cleaning, and sprucing up the house to be sold mode.

It’s fun.


So, I’m finding it hard to think of positive things to write about, so I’ll share the good things that happened this past week that I managed to catch in picture (imagine that in your best Michael Buffer voice).


My dinner plate Dahlias are finally blooming!

ww2     The girl was really excited to help me get out the newborn baby clothes.


Mr. Monkey was upset when I moved “his” chair back into the nursery,

so he spent quite a bit of time re-claiming it in it’s new (old) home.


Cabin Boy plays hard, and sometimes I get the benefit of him randomly passing out.


I found a cutesy, tiny snail while weeding the front walkway!


The Kraken is now a whopping 35 weeks big.

That’s really the only positive thing I have to say about that right now.


I finished knitting The Kraken’s baby wrap!


Some wonderful friends stopped by our moving sale and brought me blueberry pie!!!

And I didn’t share.


MM found some ‘makeup.’  Thank goodness it was washable marker.


Our big garden haul, to compliment last night’s dinner!

Fresh garden tomatoes are pretty much the best thing about summer.

Glitter Fart Hop

Whimsical Wednesday: Family Vacation

Glitter Fart Hop
Last week I was on vacation with my family in Northern Idaho for the week of the 4th.  While the logistics of vacationing with small kids isn’t Sunshine and Rainbows, we really had a great time playing on the white sandy beaches and in the gorgeous clear water of Priest Lake while we caught up with family we only get to see once or twice a year.
My parents brought us up here almost every weekend during the summer when we were growing up, and there was nothing more fun than playing all day with our cousins, whether in the water, on jet skis, or riding our bikes, then snarfing down copious amounts of s’mores before playing hide and seek in the dark and passing out in each other’s tents, or, when we got older, on the beach under the stars.
Captain and I always hoped our would kids have the same fun and free experience with their cousins, but since we’re all spread out now, it only happens occasionally.
For now, we feel blessed to have such an amazing piece of nature to share with our kids and hope that, someday, they’ll appreciate that experiencing a place like this is truly something that very few get a chance to do.

Whimsical Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up!

For the Unicorns Fart Glitter blog hop, I’ll be posting whatever cutesy, happy moments I happened to catch throughout the previous week.  Enjoy!  And don’t forget to Link-Up!
They love each other!
Sweet snuggle bug.
Lilies are my favorite!
Gorgeous surprise bloom as I headed out the door one morning.
The Captain, snuggling up to feel The Kraken’s hiccups.
Cabin Boy and I sending the Captain a Good Morning picture.
Cabin Boy dutifully helping Cabin Girl clean up the mess he made.
The ‘bouquet’ the Cabin Kids picked for me.
Glitter Fart Hop

Mud Runs and Mom Proms

For Mother’s Day, I get family pictures and some random thing that hubby heard me say I’d like or need.  Usually, it’s not something for ME, but for the house/family in general.  I don’t mind, because he doesn’t do random standby stuff, but occasionally I’d like something that’s sole purpose was to make me happy.

This Mother’s Day, I got it.  It was a week late, but I’m not one to be picky.

My Tacoma bestie and I signed up for the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Seattle, WA, and another friend of mine joined us at 8 a.m. to climb shit, crawl through freezing pools of rocky muck, and get dirt in our underwear.

I have seriously never had so much fun, EVER.
There was a big pool of muddy water at the bottom of this slide.  Enema, anyone?
We finished!
Jessie, moi, and Saranda (who, by the way, was the FIRST to finish.  Beastly.).
Think I don’t look too dirty?  LOOK AT MY SHOES (which I donated, mostly because I’m lazy and didn’t want to clean them)!

We rinsed off in COLD water, hung out, ate a LOT of food (well, I ate a lot of food), then Jessie and I headed off to our cheapo motel in Seattle to shower and nap before our ladies night!

Look at how nicely we clean up.

We had dinner at Terra Plata and it was DIVINE.  If you are ever in Seattle and need a nice place to nom, check. it. out.

After I snarfed down ate my dinner with decorum befitting of a lady, we trudged out way up the hill to our parking spot (in our heels, because we’re smart like that- LET’S WEAR HIGH HEELS IN SEATTLE!) and headed to meet some more friends at the:

Mom Prom!

“The Ultimate Ladies Night Out”

Silent auction, awesome DJ, tables full of 80s goodies, and CANDY everywhere!  We didn’t have to share it with any kids!  Caaaaannnnddddyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, and booze.  I only side note that because, well, you know, the pregnant thing (I did indulge in a mimosa though).

This was pre-booze.  Who knows how to party?  A bunch of moms.

We danced until almost midnight.  Sans shoes, of course.

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