Coffeeless Animal Conversation Hallucinations

I was standing at the end of the driveway, watching Cabin Girl walk the block to school, and the small dogs of two separate neighbors happened to be out in their yards.

The one across the street saw me, and started barking.

The other, tucked safely behind its wooden fence, barked back.

Bark.  Bark bark.  Bark. Bark. Bark bark bark.

My sleep deprived and not completely caffeinated brain, heard this:

Hey!  Person!  There’s a person outside!


Image © Damomz | Dreamstime Stock Photos
Image © Damomz | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Here!  Here’s the person!

I can’t see!  Is it still there?!

Yep!  Person!  Person right here!


Right here!

I can’t see the person, I want to see the person, is the person still there, OMGAPERSON!



Person’s leaving.

Good grief, I need to sleep more.


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10 thoughts on “Coffeeless Animal Conversation Hallucinations

  1. Haha! Been there only usually cats and dogs are bickering back n forth about who saw the human first. The cat on the fence ‘obviously’ saw me first but the dog says that the narcissistic feline wasn’t paying any attention to anyone but himself 😉

  2. This was awesome, Jessica! Being a huge dog lover myself I can totally appreciate the conversations we think that we hear them having! More sleep needed here for me too 🙂

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