The Truth: Be You With BlogU

The theme of BlogU 2016 was Be You With BlogU, and even though it is a conference for bloggers and freelance writers, the takeaway I had from my weekend in Baltimore with all the people who live in my computer was this: With the right tribe, with the right goals, with the right motivation, and with sweat-your-ass-off-effort, you can be… Read more »

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I’m saying, “Fuck You” to my biggest hater: Me.

I had an epiphany recently, thanks to my love affair with Project Runway and Project Runway: All Stars: I’m a mega bitch. Not to others, though. Just to myself. It’s really thanks to Lori Goldstein and a little interview snippet that QVC shared during commercial breaks that I started to realize maybe I needed to rethink the way I talk… Read more »

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We are The Village

It’s 5 a.m. A god-awful time to be sitting at an airport gate. An especially early time if you’ve been there with your 4 children since 11 p.m. the night before. If, by chance, your boarding pass and the flight boards reflect different gate numbers, and you have already walked the significant length between the two, you are exponentially more… Read more »

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Accept that aging doesn’t diminish spousal attraction

Does age change the attraction you feel for your spouse?  Do you worry about your spouse wishing you looked different? Even though I’m not yet out of my twenties, being a mother of 4 is taking its toll on me.  Mentally, emotionally, and, most notably, physically.  Captain will be 30 this year, and the tolls of hard work and stress… Read more »

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Will YOU Be My Galentine?

Yes, YOU. With all the hype about Valentine’s Day, many women are listing why they don’t care about it, they hate it, or they could do without it. Myself included. Is it a defense mechanism? Maybe.  It’s one of those ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ type things.  I know my husband won’t do anything nearly as romantic as Suzy… Read more »

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I don’t love my body, and that’s okay.

It’s hard to keep up with all the health and fitness movements that are constantly cycling in and out of popularity.  Yo-yo diets, Thinspo sites, conflicting reports on which foods burn the most fat where.  Diet groups, fitness clubs, television shows… Coupled with media sensationalized images and stories of extreme weight losses/gains, it’s nearly impossible to navigate the path to… Read more »

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Religion Free Mealtime Prayer

Raising my kids religion free does not mean we don’t crave ritual and prayer.  After staying with my parents for 7 weeks, the Cabin Kids got used to saying Grace at mealtimes, so I came up with an alternative that I am comfortable saying along with them, that doesn’t bring up questions of a faith we don’t embrace. Does your… Read more »

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Stop With Your Memes: I’m the One Who Cares

I’m going to start this with a vent: I can’t stand those “No one cares” memes.  You know, the ones that say “No one cares what you did at the gym today” or “No one cares about what you made for dinner.”  Kids, pets, food, workouts… everyone seems to have something they don’t want to see people posting about. See… Read more »

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A Life Challenge

I wrote this post about 2 years ago after our experience circumcising Mr. Monkey.  This isn’t meant to be a pro/anti-circumcision post, but our experience with feeling helpless in a situation, and a request for people to support, not degrade, each other. Captain is circumcised.  I suppose starting there is best, since that’s why I’m in this whole tangle of… Read more »

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Being Inked is My Superpower

I’m guest posting over on The Wild and Wonderful World of Gingersnaps today!  She is celebrating her 10,000th blog view with a week of guest posts from some pretty fun-tastic bloggers, and I am so lucky to be included! On to the goods! Tattoos.  Do you have them?  Love them?  Hate them?  Judge them? See what I’ve got to say… Read more »

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It’s Not Just a Belly

WARNING:  This post contains bare bellies, women in their skivvies, and partial nudity.   If you are not a fan of the female form, click elsewhere. When I met the Captain I was a smoking, bulimic 17 year old working in an ice cream shop.  I had grown up being taunted about my size, height, skin tone and texture, nose… you… Read more »

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I forgive you.

You.  Yes, you.  The Holier-than-Thou, mom of the year runner up.  I forgive you.  For throwing stones at me from your glass house. I don’t pretend to be perfect.  Ever.  I’m actually pretty blunt about my follies as a parent, wife, and housekeeper.  There are things that work for me and mine that you may never consider to try for… Read more »

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Just Be – About Me, the Color Purple, and Why I Won’t Tone It Down Anymore

I will be 27 in a few weeks. I know it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to some, and to others it seems like the best years of my life have passed me by.  But there is just one thing that is becoming ever-more clear to me as I get older, experience new things, and raise my children:… Read more »

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Learning to let go

The Kraken is at 19 weeks gestation this week.  We’re almost halfway.  Time has been flying and there are so many things I had hoped to have done at this point.  There are still so many plans up in the air. I’m trying to focus on my family.  The kids, Captain, and The Kraken.  I’m trying to keep up with… Read more »

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Dear mom on your iPhone: Seriously, how dare you?

I saw you sigh as you sat down on that bench after your kids went screaming onto the jungle gym, like you actually need a minute of peace to think.  How dare you have your own train of thought.I watched you hand your kid a Happy Meal  instead of bust out a tupperware full of nutritious fruits and vegetables that… Read more »

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SURPRISE! Women like sex, too.

I’m going to talk about some pretty adult stuff right now.  If you aren’t interested in hearing that women have sexual desires, too, then go read something else. Brutal, open honesty here.  It may be rambling, as I have so many things clamoring to be voiced that I can’t really keep track of them, so I hope you bear with… Read more »

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In defense of being self-centered.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about adult relationships.  We went to a birthday party the other night and I realized that I. Am. So. Boring.  And can be perceived as very self-centered.   Several years ago someone told me that I wasn’t the type of person she was interested in being friends with.  There were a lot of other things… Read more »

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Reflection: When molehills become mountains and learning to be grateful.

We’ve all heard it.  “Don’t make mountains out of molehills.”  It’s a great idea, in theory.  But when you’re in a moment of frustration and there are nothing but molehills in your path, it becomes almost impossible to see how you will get around the next one. Last night was, possibly, my worst night ever as a parent.  And it’s… Read more »

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The Popularity Virus

It’s happened.  Cabin Girl told me this morning that one of her ‘friends’ at school (N) has been telling their classmates that she thinks CG is ugly. Put her in front of a camera and there will be no shortage of ham. People… well, people are mean.  Everyone has unkind thoughts, whether they’re bidden or not.  But little girls?  I’m… Read more »

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Resolution Schmezolution

It’s almost that time again and I’m ready to field the ‘What’s your resolution’ question: I’m not making any. Oh, I have goals, to be sure.  But I’m not going to limit those goals to 2013.  I will keep on keeping on.  A few years ago I made the resolution to stop sacrificing my happiness and sanity for the sake… Read more »

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Why I will indulge this holiday season.

Every year, it’s the same tune:  “I don’t want to gain 10 pounds this Christmas.”  “Oh, I better take something healthy to this party so there will be something there that I can eat.”  “Ugh, I shouldn’t eat this cookie…”  And yes, I’m guilty of singing all of them, plus many more.  But this year is going to be different…. Read more »

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Serious moment: I’m not a prude and I’m not a pushover.

This whole 50 Shades of Grey thing has me thinking a lot about a topic that most of my friends and I don’t agree on: Porn.  I’m not okay with it.  It’s something I’ve never been comfortable with and the few times I’ve watched it I felt gross and dirty.  Rationally, I can see the appeal.  Emotionally, I just don’t… Read more »

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What a Change…

I just finished reading through my past blog posts and, WOW… they were depressing!  But, sadly, that’s where I was.  And now here I am, looking back on how I was feeling, marveling at how much can change in a few months’ time. Since my last post I have healed wonderfully from abdominal surgery, joined a CrossFit gym, dove headfirst… Read more »

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Defining Super Mom

Another rough morning.  Cabin Girl spent 10 minutes in the shower doing who-knows-what and then threw a fit when I told her it was time to get out for the 3rd time because she hadn’t even washed yet!  Cabin Boy #1 is still sick, teething, and cranky and Cabin Boy #2 wouldn’t let me put him down at all.  So… Read more »

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