Handmade Gifts: The Captain’s Football Scarf!

As I mentioned in my 3 Cowls post, everyone’s gifts last year were late.  After taking a break from the Captain’s gift to knit Gabby the Garden Monster, I finally finished his scarf!

I had SO much fun doing this.  It was a bit intimidating, being my first attempt at following a chart pattern, and it took 3 tries before I finally figured out which way to hold the yarn while slipping stitches (even though it says how in the directions!), but once I got the hang of it, it went very smoothly.

In the beginning.

It did take a while though, because it takes 9 repeats of the chart.  I hope to incorporate some footballs into some other projects using Verdigris Knits‘s free pattern. 

All wrapped up and cozy.
Finished in time to watch the Seahawks in the playoffs!

I think this is my favorite knitting project so far.  It’s also inspired me to try my hand at making a charted pattern, but I won’t have time for that until I finish the rest of the late Christmas presents!

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