If I had a million dollars…

Prompt: If you found a million dollars in the morning and had to spend it all by that night, what would you do with it?

I like to think I’d be frugal and just take care of the essentials then donate the rest, but I know myself.  I’m a spender.  And, I like nice things.

Do I have many nice things?  Not really.  I get a lot of things second hand and buy what we need, aside from food, as cheap as possible.  We splurge here and there, and are gifted nice things, but I generally try to make my dollars stretch as far as possible.

If I found a million dollars?

First, I would pay off our debts.  $200k for the house we can’t sell, $25k for our remaining car loan, $10k for student loans, and $3k in credit card debt.

$238,000 of debt.  Youch!


A truck for Captain.

Book a nice family vacation.

New furniture.

New wardrobes for everyone.

And last but not least, I would buy a nice piece of riverfront property, 10 acres, and pay a contractor to build my dream house: modest, but spacious. 7 bedrooms, 4 baths, a craft room, a sun room, a huge utility room, 2 living spaces, and a large, open kitchen.  A greenhouse and shed for gardening, big enough to accommodate the drying of herbs.  Outbuildings and chickens, goats, a diary cow, rabbits, and maybe a pig or two.  Add in a small guest house for visitors or as a place for my parents or in laws to live as they get older and start needing help.

Debt, new house, a truck, vacation, furniture, and clothes.  I’m actually kind of shocked at how fast my imaginary money was spent!  But, to live without a mortgage or car payments…

Image from Mainstreethost via Google.
Image from Mainstreethost via Google.

Now, where can I find a million dollars?!



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