Look out Mom and Dad!!!

I’m coming home!

Yep.  This happily married, 27 year old woman with almost 4 kids is about to move back into her parents’ basement.

Once The Kraken arrives, we’ll be making the official move.  Without Captain.

What the what what now?

In case you aren’t in the loop, here’s how the story goes…

When we moved to Western Washington, it was for the Captain to go through a great apprenticeship program.  We knew from the time of his application that this was not going to be our forever home.  For the first couple of years we threw out ideas about the kind of place we wanted to raise our family.  We didn’t know where for certain, but my biggest priority was to find an area with good public schools.  Captain’s biggest desire was an area that was sunny more than it was rainy (since he works outside, I can totally appreciate that).

Fast-forward through buying a house, having two more babies, and his completion of the apprenticeship program to become an official Journeyman Lineman, and we began to seriously discuss where we should start looking to relocate.

More discussions and browsing through various job listings, checking out the areas where the openings were posted, and we were slowly narrowing down our top choices.

Then I got pregnant again.  A good 6-9 months sooner than we had planned on trying.  With our history of always having an early miscarriage before a full term baby, we didn’t think this baby would stick.  6 weeks… 8 weeks… 12 weeks…  HELLO Sticky Baby!

Do we find a new job and relocate before baby arrives so that we have the space we need?  Or do we postpone the job hunt until baby is 6 months old or so and just live in close quarters for a bit?  We decided to postpone.  Get a few things fixed up around the house and save a little more money.

Of course, that’s when we found out about the job opening in one of our top areas of choice.  12 weeks away from our due date, Captain went through the interviews but was placed 4th on the list because he had less experience than those placed before him.  The top 3 were taken on to 2nd interviews.  Captain was told that when the company reevaluated whether they wanted to hire another guy in a month or so, he’d be automatically in for the next steps of the process.

Okay.  So we’re bummed, but now we can focus on getting the house ready for our new arrival.  We figured we had at least a month before they called, then another month after that for more interviews, processing, etc., then 2 weeks for Captain to give notice to his work…

ONE WEEK after he was sent a rejection letter for the first position, he was contacted about the 2nd opening.  8 weeks from our due date.  Okay… we can make this work.  This is an opportunity we can’t pass up!

6 weeks from our due date, he was given a conditional offer.  He passed his drug test and physical with flying colors, which surprised none of us, the next week.  He explained our situation to the new company and they said he could pick his start date.  After discussing and calculating vacation time and sick leave, we decided that mid-Sept. would be best.

A flurry of home repairs, packing and cleaning ensues.  Between our friends, my parents, and Captain’s mom we have our house in listing condition within 3 weeks of my due date.

So, here we are.

Waiting for our house to sell.

Waiting for a baby to arrive.

While time ticks away until Captain has to start his new job.

Knowing we cannot possibly afford our mortgage here and pay for a rental there.

Wondering how I am going to manage keeping a house in showing condition with 3 kids and a newborn, by myself.

Wondering if my PPD will be worse this time around.

Captain, hating the idea of not knowing our newborn, because he has to work 4+ hours away and will only be able to be with us on the weekends.

Until a few nights ago.  When Captain wondered aloud if the kids and I could stay with my parents, should I have trouble managing once he’s gone.

Why even wait to see?  Why not just go now?  Get out of this house, so I won’t have the stress of keeping it spotless looming over me.  Be back in an area where I’ll have family and friends that can help me any time the need arises.  Live in a house where I know that help will be coming home every evening at 4 o’clock, instead of just on Fridays after the kids are in bed.

Rent free.  Where there is space for all of us.  Where the commute for Captain to visit us will be cut in half.  Where Cabin Girl can go to a highly rated school until our house does sell and we can get her enrolled in our forever place.

We pitched the idea to my parents and started making plans the next morning.

Cabin Girl is now enrolled in the grade school I started going to as a 2nd grader.  She may even get into a class with the SAME teacher I had.  When my parents come over this weekend, we’ll load up a Uhaul with as much stuff as we can and send CG home with them the day before school starts.

Cabin Boy, Mr. Monkey, The Kraken and I will follow with another Uhaul as soon as possible, once The Kraken actually arrives.

Captain will help move us, and then he’ll head off to live with his dad during the week while he works.

Waiting all the while for someone to buy our house so we can officially start a new chapter in our forever home.


This is going to be crazy.  And I have never felt more grateful.

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