Mud Runs and Mom Proms

For Mother’s Day, I get family pictures and some random thing that hubby heard me say I’d like or need.  Usually, it’s not something for ME, but for the house/family in general.  I don’t mind, because he doesn’t do random standby stuff, but occasionally I’d like something that’s sole purpose was to make me happy.

This Mother’s Day, I got it.  It was a week late, but I’m not one to be picky.

My Tacoma bestie and I signed up for the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Seattle, WA, and another friend of mine joined us at 8 a.m. to climb shit, crawl through freezing pools of rocky muck, and get dirt in our underwear.

I have seriously never had so much fun, EVER.
There was a big pool of muddy water at the bottom of this slide.  Enema, anyone?
We finished!
Jessie, moi, and Saranda (who, by the way, was the FIRST to finish.  Beastly.).
Think I don’t look too dirty?  LOOK AT MY SHOES (which I donated, mostly because I’m lazy and didn’t want to clean them)!

We rinsed off in COLD water, hung out, ate a LOT of food (well, I ate a lot of food), then Jessie and I headed off to our cheapo motel in Seattle to shower and nap before our ladies night!

Look at how nicely we clean up.

We had dinner at Terra Plata and it was DIVINE.  If you are ever in Seattle and need a nice place to nom, check. it. out.

After I snarfed down ate my dinner with decorum befitting of a lady, we trudged out way up the hill to our parking spot (in our heels, because we’re smart like that- LET’S WEAR HIGH HEELS IN SEATTLE!) and headed to meet some more friends at the:

Mom Prom!

“The Ultimate Ladies Night Out”

Silent auction, awesome DJ, tables full of 80s goodies, and CANDY everywhere!  We didn’t have to share it with any kids!  Caaaaannnnddddyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, and booze.  I only side note that because, well, you know, the pregnant thing (I did indulge in a mimosa though).

This was pre-booze.  Who knows how to party?  A bunch of moms.

We danced until almost midnight.  Sans shoes, of course.

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