Pirate Babies – An Upcoming Children’s Book

I love babies.  I love pirates.  I love books.

I especially love piratey babies and baby things.  I freak out every time I find a piratey children’s book.

I also love writing.

Why shouldn’t I combine all those things that I love?

Introducing my latest project:

Pirate Babies!  A rhyming, children’s picture book.

piratebabepreviewComing soon!!!

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2 thoughts on “Pirate Babies – An Upcoming Children’s Book

  1. My son would have loved this when he was younger. We had a whole pirate thing going for a good 3 years – room, clothes, trips, toys, you name it. Now he loves boats and all things in the ocean a natural progression:)

    Congrat’s on the book!!!

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