Pirates and Mermaids Go Hand in… Fin?

I’m going to write a novel.

Really, I am!  It’s actually going to be a trilogy, because the first idea blossomed and split and blossomed some more.  I’m no stranger to big books, but I don’t want to have a War and Peace sized anthology on my hands…

Anyway, you may be surprised to learn, these books will NOT be about Pirates.

Say whaaat?!

Never fear though.  It’s about Mermaids, so there will BE Pirates.

For now, it is still in the planning, outlining, and researching stages.  I was struck with the idea that, while there are loads and loads of stories of mermaids out there, I have yet to come across one that really digs into how they came to be.  Even if they are a myth, every myth has a birth-story, and I feel like mermaids deserve one.

I don’t know how long it will take.  I can’t guarantee that you’ll love the idea as much as I do.

But, I DO know that it will give a much needed new perspective on mermaids, and, hopefully, give our girls (and boys!) a better reason than Disney’s Ariel to want to be one!

I’ll share blog posts with updates, research I think others may find interesting, questions, and hopefully concept art here, on this page, so check back frequently (or, better yet, subscribe via e-mail so you never miss a post)!

The idea notebook.  It kinda goes with me everywhere now.

Research, research, research… It may be based on myth, but I want historical fiction fans to enjoy it, too!

Update: 2/26/14:  I have an excerpt!

From The Legend of Atargatis: Part 1 (not sure if that will be book title, chapter title, or act title, but that’s how it’s labeled atm).

In the 4th month of her pregnancy, she went to the gardens where there was a pool fed by a stream. Past the pool, the stream ran its course out of the palace and over the cliffs, into the sea. She dismissed her serving maid, “I cannot rest while being hovered over. Leave me to close my eyes alone.” And, despite the King’s demands months ago, the servant complied.

The Queen disrobed, hands lingering over the small bump now showing beneath her navel. She looked upon her reflection in the water; skeletal, hair dull and stringy, ribs and hip bones protruding and eyes gaunt with dark cirles beneath them.

Slowly, she walked into the pool until she was waist deep in the water. It was here she began swaying, an ethereal aria escaping her cracked lips. Softly and gently it started, gaining in volume and intensity as her swaying turned into fierce gyrations. The pool turned from still glass to a foaming whirlpool, whitecaps splashing over the pool sides, drenching the surrounding foliage. Wind whipped in sympathy through the gardens, flinging cushions, and bending the plants into a bow, all facing the Queen in her wails and undulations. With a final screaming note, the Queen slumped over into the water.

The pool’s smooth surface returned as servants ran to her, alerted by her final cadence. Carefully, they lifted her from the pool and placed her upon the hastily retrieved pillows, gasping and whispering when they noticed her flat abdomen. None dared go near the pool.

By the time the King arrived to check upon the Queen, the news had spread throughout the palace; The Queen had lost the child.

No one but the Queen noticed the glint of golden scales in the pool as they carried her from the ruined gardens.

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