Quickie craft: Bracelet

My crafting plans for the day were derailed by procrastination and an inability to find inexpensive, plain tees.

Thankfully, Michaels came to the rescue with an outlet for my left-handed brain by way of their 50% off bead strands.  

Amethyst, fluorite, and hematite caught my eye this morning and, adding some spacers and a glass crescent moon that I already had, here is the result:

Happy Friday!

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3 thoughts on “Quickie craft: Bracelet

  1. At first glance, I’m trying to guess the price because I’m sure it’s expensive. 🙂 I’m even more surprise to know that you made this on your own! You are fabulous! I hope you could share some points on how to do this because I love to have one. I think that’s the advantage of handcrafted jewelry – we we’re able to put a touch of our creativity and style that makes it more special. 😉

    –>Idaline Cirillo< --

    1. Why thank you! I’m no pro, but I’d just suggest keeping it simple. I find that trying to use too many different shapes/colors makes it look cheap. And spacers are a MUST have to make it look posh. 🙂

    2. It’s hard to believe that you’re not a pro in making bracelets since this is an example of your great talent in making one. You’re right that spacing should be considered in your craft and I also believe that the right color combination and proper shapes and sizes of the beads should also be considered. I’m looking forward to more of your crafts and I expect that you can make more just as fabulous as these.


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