Returning to GF/Paleo: Days 2 and 3

Welcome back!  If you missed the first 2 posts of the series, you can see them here and here.
Day 1 was rough.  I felt like I was hungry all day long.  I need to start eating more raw veggies to fill up, but if they don’t sound good, I can’t eat them, or I get nauseous and won’t be able to eat anything for quite a while, which is not okay with me.
I want to take a minute to talk about meat.  I’ll be honest and say I don’t concern myself with the fat content of most meat I purchase.  We eat a lot of uncured bacon, and we’ve been eating quite a bit of the 1/4 + 1/8 of the organic, grass-fed beef that’s in our freezer.  Chicken is something we used to eat a ton of, but only have once or twice a week at this point.  Firstly, because of the cost.  And secondly, because it’s so much more convenient to cook the beef we already have.
That being said, if I spot a deal, I SNAP IT UP!  Thankfully, we have a flex budget every paycheck that allows us to go beyond our usual cash grocery budget if need be.  I went shopping yesterday to round out a few things we needed for the coming week and scored a huge deal on free-range, organic chicken.  It was nearing its expiration date, but since we keep it in the freezer until the day we use it, I’m not worried about it going bad.  I grabbed 5 packs of chicken breasts, 6 packs of thighs, and a whole chicken, each pack marked down around 30%.  I also found some uncured breakfast sausage links, which are a rare treat for us, and a package of uncured spicy Italian sausage that will be perfect for the next time I make zuppa, also with a 30ish% mark down.  If you really want to be on top of great meat deals, ask the department what day/time they mark the discounts, that way you can be there for first pick.
All that out of the way, here’s what I ate on Day 2.  I’m still including how often I’m drinking water, to give you a good idea of just how much you can get in during the day.  I keep my handy-dandy Dirty Girl water bottle with a straw-like spout with me at all times, so it’s easy to just sip on it all day long.
Scrambled eggs with broccoli and bacon
Coffee with coconut creamer
Greek yogurt with chocolate chips and pecans
Chicken with sliced cucumbers (I kept one of those packs of chicken thighs out of the freezer to bake for a late lunch.  It was perfect!  The cucumbers, however, just tasted like chemicals, despite being organic, washed, and peeled.  Very disappointing.)
Gf pizza (I used Bob’s Red Mill GF Pizza Mix.  For sauce I just used some organic crushed tomatoes and seasoned it myself with red pepper flakes, garlic, and oregano.  Topped the kids’ with cheese, uncured pepperoni and black olives while Captain and I had cheese, uncured pepperoni, spinach, mushrooms, pickled jalapenos, and black olives.)
After dinner we scooted off to a ping-pong social with Captain’s work friends.  We had Pirate Booty and some GF cookies for a snack.  With water, of course.
Here we are at the end of Day 3.  It was an odd day, since I spent half of it out of the house, but with a little preparation I was able to still make good choices!
As usual, I started the morning off with water and then my coffee with creamer.  I packed myself an apple, a bag of mixed nuts (almonds, walnuts, and macadamia), a to-go cup of chocolate almond milk, and a banana, then my local bestie picked me up and we headed to the Dirty Dash!
I had the apple and nuts before the race, for carbs and fat, but stopped drinking water about 40 minutes before the run.  There was no chance of me trail-stopping for a pee break.
Apparently, that’s my “Look strong” face.  Yeah.
My dad’s response to this picture was that we needed to go play outside.  What a funny guy.
Immediately after we finished I grabbed some water and a banana.  I rinsed off a teeny-tiny bit, then we headed over to grab a smoked turkey leg (They gave me 2!  What, did they think I needed the extra calories or something?) and I drank my almond milk before playing get-changed-without-anyone-seeing-my-goodies in the woods.  I think we were successful. 
On the way home I had water, my banana and a GF Cliff bar that they were handing out at the Dash.  Here’s what I’ve had since cleaning off 3 layers of mud:
Yogurt with chocolate chips and walnuts
Water and a 3 hour nap.
A carrot (and the first ripe pea from my garden!)
Dinner: Grilled flank steak, mashed sweet potatoes (with butter and a touch of coconut sugar), roasted beets, and green salad with some dressing. With, you guessed it, water to drink.

Now I’m sitting/laying (it’s really hard to type while laying on your left side, btw) in bed, trying to discourage contractions!  Whee!!  I do plan on sneaking down for a cookie, or maybe a piece of super dark chocolate once the kids go to bed.

Tomorrow is Sunday, which is Captain’s day to sleep in, so I’ll be making one of our favorite grain-free pancake recipes tomorrow and hitting the Farmer’s Market for some local produce!

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