From the Elf Sidelines

I feel like I’m watching an epic battle… or a ridiculously overpaid sports game…  or an insidiously petty cat-fight.

The Elf on the Shelf (EotS) is becoming the epicenter of the holiday’s version of mommy wars.

It’s no longer SAHMs vs Working Moms…

It’s EotS moms vs Anti-EotS Moms.


Really people?  Seriously?  Do we have nothing better to worry about?

“Those EotS moms are making me look bad!”

“Those Anti-EotS moms don’t want to give their children joy!”

“Don’t project your ideas of holiday magic on me!”

“Quit being a scrooge!”


Maybe it’s because I’m coming from a place of indifference… The EotS sidelines if you will.  From my camping chair on the calm side of the white paint, there is only one thing I can say…

Y’all look ridiculous.

Also, I need more marshmallows for my cocoa.

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