Missing something

Today was busy.  But it was a good busy.

Family breakfast, getting ready for pictures, knitting a baby hat, having pictures taken, sharing lunch, taking a nap, making deviled eggs to take to a birthday party, then going to the party itself.

All in all, it was awesome.

At the party though, I realized that there’s something I don’t do anymore that I really miss.

And that thing, is dancing.

Not necessarily out in the club getting wasted and shaking my ass for potential guys to grind against… just feeling the music and moving to it without thinking.

Something you can do every day.

It hit me as I bobbed gently to the hip hop blaring through the speakers in our friend’s shop, while wearing the baby.  Watching some of the other women there move freely, without fear of judgement.  Safe in a space that held their closest friends; their chosen family.

I want to do that again.

So I’ll start tomorrow.  In my living room.  With the Cabin Kids and Captain dancing and laughing with me.

Because you have to start somewhere.

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