Thankful for: The Big 3.

Here it is, the ubiquitous post about gratitude.  It’s the spirit of the season, and though the traditions of Thanksgiving have a controversial background, it doesn’t make the holiday less special for those of us who look forward to it year after year.

I could list the million and one things that I’m thankful for throughout the year, but I’d probably just end up annoying myself.

So instead, I’m going to list the Top 3 things on my thankful list this year.  Technically, there are 4 things I’m especially thankful for, but rather than rehash it, you can read why Captain is my most important one here.

1) My kids.  They are healthy, obnoxious, thriving, beautiful, demanding, and bring out the absolute worst in me.  They test my patience almost constantly, and it has made me into a better person than I’d ever imagined.  They have opened my eyes to the complexity and glory of a life worth living, and I will never stop being grateful for it.

2) My family.  Both blood related and not.  We have recieved such an overwhelming amount of help and support from my parents, Captains parents, and the friends we have surrounded ourselves with.  Whether they were babysitting so Captain and I could have a night out, bringing me coffee, donuts, and company as a pick-me-up, rallying at the last minute to help us move, letting us live with them, or lending their support during the birth of the Kraken, we have been enveloped in so. much. love.  I can never say Thank You enough.

3) This tiny double-wide.  Never would I ever have imagined myself to be grateful to be living in an old mobile home.  But here I am.  Here WE are.  Together.  After several months of uncertainty, our family separated by a 2 1/2 hour freeway drive, and lots of gut-wrenching tears, we are all under the same roof, thanks to this little, affordable house.  It is allowing us to be whole while we save for our future, and that is an amazing gift.

These are the things I’ll be reflecting on while I sneak bites of dressing out of the slow-cooker at my parents’ house today.

What are your Top 3?

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