Ten Things of Thankful, with a Moose

“Join the Ten Things of Thankful community and work with us to nurture an attitude of gratitude. We use the whole weekend to focus on the Good Things in life. Make a list of ten of those wonderful Things. Then share the Wonderfulness with others.”

Ten Things of Thankful

I love this idea.  Maybe it’s because it’s in step with our Unicorns Fart Glitter hop…  Maybe it’s because there just seems to be SO many things to be stressed out over…  Or, maybe it’s because I like happy things!  When I first read about it, I thought, Oh, I’ll join up next weekend.

But, why not now?  I have plenty to be thankful for right here, right now.

So, here goes:

1)  Modern Medicine.  The science behind taking a woman of my age, with my fertility history, and rendering me unable to bear more children.  Freeing my husband and I to enjoy the rest of our lives together as intimately as we dare without fear of adding more family members to our household than we can handle.

2) My Children.  If there’s one thing that taking away possibilities does, it makes sure you take a hard look at what you DO have.  Now that there will never, ever be a chance for us to have more biological children, I am so incredibly grateful for the 4 I do have.

3) My Captain.  He’s been so doting during the past few days.  Through my surgery and recovery, he’s taken care of me, the kids, and, for the most part, the house.  Dare I say, he’s almost better than I am at this whole ‘running the house’ thing!

4) This Moose.  LOOK AT HOW CUTE IT IS!  I love stuffed animals.

This is Oosh-Moosh.  He's The Kraken's lovey.
This is Oosh-Moosh. He’s The Kraken’s lovey.

5) THE INTERNET.  OMG, how bored would I be, sitting in bed with no one to talk to but myself these past 3 days?!

And because of the internet, I have

6) An online community to be thankful for.  A group of women who totally understand my desire to write and share.  Stories that echo my sentiments, test my empathy, and broaden my perspectives on everything from fashion to politics to parenting.

7)  Rice krispy treats.  Yumm.  We never make them, because we eat the entire batch in the same day.  But, really, they don’t keep well anyway.  Who wants a stale krispy treat?  Captain has made two batches since Wednesday and we. just. keep. eating. them.

8)  My new blog design.  Yessss, shameless plug, BUT, I have been WAITING to get my page just so, and I think I’ve finally done it.

9) The Seahawks Superbowl Win.  I know a lot of people don’t care, or don’t like the Seahawks, but I grew up in a football crazed home, and married a football crazed man, so having our home team win, after being staunch fans through their worst seasons, was just an awesome thing to watch.

10) Water.  Random?  Yes.  Necessary?  Yes.  Overlooked?  Always.

What things are you thankful for?

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About Domestic Pirate

Hi, my name is Jessica. I am a stay at home momma wench who is addicted to all things Piratey, the internet and cookie dough. If you like any of those things, I think we'll get along just fine.

30 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful, with a Moose

  1. Have to say I love your Moose – definitely cute. My Hub and I fell in love with moose on our honeymoon in Vermont mostly because we did not see one single moose the entire week. And we fully expected to. So we bought a stuffed one to bring home and since then, we’ve ended up with a whole herd of them.

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks! We got each of the kids their lovey while we were on vacation and I was pregnant. Moose came from Silver Mtn. Resort in Northern Idaho. I buy them more for myself than for the kids. 😉

  2. I’m so glad you have joined the TToT! It is definitely a cathartic exercise, especially when you could find the thankful in #1!

    I hope you are recovering well from your surgery (with a little help from your moose). I’m sure rice krispie treats are just what the doctor ordered (I like the ones made by Little Debbie, especially because I have found that making them from scratch just isn’t worth the mess).

    People who don’t blog don’t understand how important your online community can be. Mine means the world to me.

  3. Just wanted to stop by and visit! Don’t know exactly what you had done, but I’m glad you’re recovering nicely. Although, I understand Rice Krispy Treats have a habit of snapping, crackling, and popping operation stitches, so be careful! lol Bullwinkle’s super cool! Now my wife wants one. (See what you started!) GET WELL!

  4. I hope you feel better from your surgery, Jessica! Heal up. Keep those Rice Krispy treats at hand…sweets can be very “healing”. And yes, drink up on the water. Love the moose btw… 🙂

  5. The moose is definitely cute! Glad you have him to help you make it through!
    God bless the internet and this crazy group, right? Most of these folks make my day.
    Since this is my very first visit to your blog (how? why?) I can only say I like the look of it…I’m glad you got it just so.
    I am a Broncos fan and am still trying to forget he Super Bowl but I am happy for the Seahawks. They certainly earned that win!
    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Sandy! I’ve been blogging for a while but have just now started devoting the time and energy to getting it ‘out there.’ Hopefully I’ll give you good reasons to come back often. 🙂

  6. Hey Jessica – nice to see a new face in the TToT, and welcome. I love your ‘can do’ attitude of not waiting til next week to link up.

    I hope your recovery from surgery continues to go smoothly, and that you find sufficient interest on the internet to keep you entertained.

    Glad your team won. My home team (real football, not American) have done very well, and started out much maligned. They’re now in the top of the leagues somewhere, which is awesome. It’s a good feeling.

    Glad you’re thankful for your family 🙂

  7. My cousin ( shes like a sister to me) has a full sized wooden moose on her lawn every winter that people are constantly stopping to take photos of because… well because there’s a full grown moose on her lawn! Glad you joined in… get better quickly…. I hear chocolate also is very healing…

    1. There is a place along Interstate 90 here in Washington that has all manner of yard ornaments for sale: lion statues, cow figures, and a UFO! I’ve told Captain that once we have our forever home I want to go really look through their stuff and find something to place on our property. How cool would it be say, “We’re the house on the left with the dragon in the front yard.”?!

  8. I wonder if your totem or spirit animal is a moose. That would be a lovely thing. By the way, you made a beautiful site here! Congratulations! You aeem like a very loving and sweet person. xox jean

    1. Oh, thank you, Jean! I have wondered for quite some time what my totem animal may be, but have never been able to focus energy into finding out. I think possibly a harp seal or sea lion, as I always seem drawn to those when we visit the zoo/aquarium.

  9. So, I was totally pulled in by the stuffed moose. He is lovely. I’m a stuffed penguin fan myself, but I think we might be able to overcome that difference.

    I too have never made rice krispie treats. I figure if I learnt how to make them, the mystery would be ruined. Like when I learnt how to do the party bean dip (kinda ruined it for me).

    Welcome to the hop! Hope you are recovering nicely.

    1. Oh, I have a pirate penguin hanging around here, somewhere. And a polar bear, wolf, otter… Like I said, I’m a sucker for stuffed animals!

      Now I’m curious about what kind of party bean dip it was, if being part of making it ruined it for you!

  10. Welcome to the TToT! I’m glad you decided to jump right in and not wait until next week.
    Everything is better with a moose. It’s a rule.

    Rice Krispie treats are such wonderful treats when they are fresh. How nice of your husband to make them twice in one week!
    Congratulations on the Seehawks’ win! Being from Indy, I had to root for Peyton, but I do like to see a team who has waited so very long to win take home the trophy.
    I hope you heal up nicely from surgery.

  11. I have to say I’m thankful for modern medicine too, it saves lives and gives me a job!
    The internet is awesome. I honestly sometimes think, how DID we do without this??

  12. Welcome to the TToT! not only is the best bloghop on the internets, but it has it’s own TV series!*
    Trust you will enjoy a speedy recoveration, probably the worst thing about surgery is the tedium of the recovery process.

    I like your choice of font on this here site here.

    *ha ha the Friday Night vid chat is like a tv series

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