Theme Thursday: Road Trip

Back when Cabin Girl was about 18 months, the Captain was offered an interview for an apprenticeship program across the state.  Since this was the first of several potential trips, we decided to go as a family.  For fun.

Our first 4.5 hour road trip.  Over long, dreary stretches of plains and desert, then through two separate winding mountain passes.  With an 18 month old.  FUN.

We made it through the first 2.5 hours fine.  Through the boring stretches, over a colossal river, and through one twisty pass Cabin Girl napped a bit and we kept her occupied with snackadoos.  We made a pit stop at the ‘halfway point’ city along our charted course and grabbed some golden arches for lunch (this was well before I had any inkling as to what GMOs and junk were).

Cabin Girl had greedily inhaled her hamburger (read: bun) and sucked down her juice, and was happily munching on some french fries as we started our downhill descent through the second, bigger pass.

We were cruising along in our Honda Accord and I turn to see if CG needs anything, only to discover her vomiting.  All over herself.  A LOT.

We were still at least an hour from our destination.

A few truckers probably wondered what the hell we were doing, stripping our baby down to her diaper on the side of the soggy interstate (Did I mention we were heading towards the Puget Sound?  Seattle weather.  Awesome stuff.).

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Pretty right?  Not so much with vomit all over your car.

The hotel staff sure gave us some strange looks when we checked in; CG wrapped in one of my long sleeve shirts, the Captain with her disassembled car seat in tow.

Thankfully, the shower in our hotel room got both hot enough and had a strong enough stream to clean the car seat well enough for the return trip home.

For which we did not get McDonalds.

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14 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: Road Trip

  1. Oof. I let my husband talk me into giving my son a Wendy’s nugget and three fries when he was about the same age, because “It’s not like it’s McDonald’s.” He didn’t puke, but that diaper was the stuff of legends. NEVER AGAIN.

  2. Why do I think every parent has at least one horrific vomit/poop car trip story? I have too many-so many that I think that my mind has blocked most of them! I have one who vomits at the drop of the hat and another that has poop issues. Good times, good times.

  3. A few things.

    WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? A pirate themed blog with piratey names for all your family? I’m in love with you. Totally in a creepy way. In the, “Come back to my place and I’ll show you my pirate flag and pirate tattoos,” wink, wink way.

    That said, I love how McD’s keeps making appearances on these road trips with nothing but bad endings.

    -The Insomniacs Dream

    1. Thankfully we’ve only had to deal with it once on a long trip! My friend’s kid did it in my car once, too, but we were just pulling into my driveway, so it was a million times easier to clean up.

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