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Domestic Pirate followers are people who understand that what makes us quirky and unique makes us worth knowing.

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Are you:

a brand that puts a new twist on things?
a blogger looking to partner on a project?
a content manager who needs a dash of Pirate attitude?
a business that wants to reach an audience who appreciates authenticity?

Working with me, you will receive quality, professional work in a timely manner, my honest opinion, all of my social media love, and the chance to legitimately write ‘Hired a Pirate’ in your business expenses.

This is my quality control supervisor.

I am available for social media campaigns, sponsored content, advertising, reviews, giveaways, and freelance writing.

Interested in working together? Check out my other work, then contact me through social media or send me an e-mail at I can’t wait to work with you!

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